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When Karen Landis first started the business she probably didn't expect that it would still be supporting all of her sons and their families today. Thanks to Her and Mr. Don Landis' hard work, work ethic, and values... they have built more than a business.  Landis Aluminum is a proud, upstanding, and contributing member of the local community!

While Mr. Landis has recently retired, Karen is in the shop every day.  She is the contractor, estimator, salesman, and boss.  She looks out for her customers (some for over 24 years) just as she does her business and her family!!

James Landis and Kelly Landis are our lead installers and take great pride in both their workmanship and their name. If we have done any work for you in the past you may have already met them. We can promise, that if you have not yet met them, you will be glad when you do. When they or any of their employees arrive at your home you can rest assured that they are fully insured professionals that will respect you, your home and your neighbors. James and Kelly are the ones that put the final " Landis" stamp of approval on our installations, and they are always willing to answer questions or address any issues that may arise on your job.

If you call our office, or stop by our showroom / d.i.y. project center... you may meet Don Jr. or Shawn.  Shawn manages the warehouse, keeps the books, answers the phones, and helps with customers in the store. Don works with customers to help them find the right materials for their "do-it-yourself" projects and makes sure that it's delivered to the right place and on time.
We all work together to insure that our customers are truly satisfied, rather it be your D.I.Y project, or one of our installations.

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Landis Aluminum has been in the business of making customers proud of their homes since 1986!!!